Eleasar Sisneros




About Eleasar Sisneros

I grew up working in the wheat and potato farms of Southern Colorado - Like all kids at some point worked in fast food flipping burgers playing foot ball (Sports) - I came to Midland in the early 80's worked - Retail - and cleaned city swimming pools. While working in the mall I Met a Midland girl and moved away to the big city in California and began a family. Worked for law in enforcement for a while. Then realized the US Army needed my family. - We moved around allot over seas - some times together / sometimes apart.

Upon leaving the US Army I began my civilian life in IT in the Medical Industry. Getting a Bachelor of Science (Computer Information Management Systems)
Eventually moving back to Midland in 2010 I worked over 10 years in Oil industry.

I have 2 Grown Daughters and a Grandson .

I live in Midland and commute to El Paso to meet with Clients who have asked me to be there rep. My wife and I have been invited to participate in many of those clients family functions because we have taken time to know them and their needs. We help them as if they were a family member to figure out how to help them purchase their first homes when many for years have told them "No" we cant help. We love to help those who have been told they can't to realize they can .. its just a matter or time, patients, and discipline. We will stick with them helping them figure out who to talk to for help reaching their goal. "Every one deserves a home of their own!"